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From Instinto Salvaje via Act for Freedom Now

Instinto Salvaje began as a project for a nihilist, antiauthoritarian space of anarchist counter-information; we bet on anarchy here and now. We bet on the attack on domination in all its forms, and on the various forms of the attack, in this case spreading information that concern actions, awareness and the process of self-education we undertake as antagonists to all sorts of social construction that aims to develop a new State of domination.

We bet on the collective deconstruction and construction of awareness with comrades in affinity and with people distant from our positions. The spectrum of anarchist positions and
visions is pretty wide, so we think it necessary to let discussion develop so as not to turn into robots or mere reproducers of discourses and actions based on the affinity of
fetishist antiauthoritarianism or gunpowder.

Our stance as a counter-information project is clear, it’s a space open to all anarchist, nihilist and antiauthoritarian comrades. We won’t hesitate in expressing solidarity with all political prisoners who identify with the ideas and practices aiming at the destruction of all forms of authority. […]

Now that we have clarified our stance as ISTINTO SALVAJE, we call for solidarity with this project so that we can carry on with it: if you’ve got material to spread, be it news, communiqués, historical pieces or anything that you think useful to the building of this project, do not hesitate to send it to us, so that together we can create a space of ideas against
all forms of domination.
Istinto Salvaje
Complete version in Spanish:
From croceneranarchica
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now

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