Australia: queers disrupt Melbourne pride march, against pinkwashing


Via Insurrection News. STATEMENT ON THE DISRUPTION ON MELBOURNE PRIDE 2016 Today at the Melbourne ‘Pride’ March, on Boon Wurrung land, a group of queer and transgender activists staged a peaceful sit-in with the aim of disrupting the march. We drew attention to the ties of ‘Pride’ with environmentally destructive … Continue reading

Berlin: Queer Call-out Against Pink Camouflage


Queer call-out for Kreuzberg CSD Demo on Sat 27 June. See website here with demo info and original German version. Call out No pink camouflage – Queer still means radical indecent                   against        war unintegrated                                racism awkward                                     exploitation Queer is cool, queer is hip, queer is “welcome” everywhere !!!? The PR departments of state institutions have recently introduced gay issues as the fertile source for their image building. Multinational companies that profit from … Continue reading

Arrest and queer solidarity


REPOST from warwick4freeeducation (the blog of the ongoing warwick university occupation). This is a first person account both of the student protests in the last few weeks, and of the experience of being kidnapped by the state as a queer trans person who refuses to fit the norms of gender. … Continue reading