London. World’s biggest concentration of billionaires. Global haven for dictators and their hangers-on, arms dealers, money launderers, mercenaries, bankers, oil tycoons, royals, and other assorted bastards.

And what do we get? Shopping malls and CCTV. Gentrification, bedroom tax, rising rents and falling wages. Immigration raids, stop and search, ‘total policing’, prison when we dare to rebel.

It’s about time we got off our knees.
This site is just a small thing to help make it happen.
We will collect and post events listings to help bring people together.
We will collect and post news stories to help spread what’s going on.
We will collect and post ideas, analysis and comment to help us plan how to fight.

We welcome contributions. If you’d like to send us an event or article, see these guidelines.

See you on the streets.

Royal car

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