Brixton: graffiti and flyers at the Prison

brixton flyers

Received anonymously. Some small solidarity actions took place in the last few days for anarchist prisoners everywhere and to all the migrants under attack from this rotten system and the prison society! Solidarity slogans were written and flyers thrown near the walls of Brixton Prison in South London. Let’s tear down the concentration camps and the prisons! Some anarchists … Continue reading

Immigration raid chased off on Deptford High St, “racist van” trashed

deptford van 1

On Monday afternoon the neighbourhood of Deptford, South East London, chased away a Home Office “Immigration Enforcement” raid team. The Home Office bullyboys had reportedly been spotted several times in the previous week doing so-called “intelligence gathering”. I.e., trying to harass shopkeepers into giving them permission to carry out “operations” … Continue reading