Armed Joy in Audio form

Armed Joy, Bonanno’s classic insurrectionist text, is now available in audio form here at Free Radical Radio along with various other interesting recordings mostly influenced by ‘post left’ anarchy, primitivism, and individualism. Among other things, Armed Joy is a critique of the dull, stagnant and strangulating nature of traditional revolutionary … Continue reading

The Talon Conspiracy: a treasure trove of liberation & sabotage

If you haven’t already perused it, we highly recommend checking out the Talon Conspiracy, a huge archive of zines, manuals and regular publications from the animal and earth liberation movements. The archives span several decades and include practical guides on sabotage, animal liberation, blockades, good security (though the technological/forensics aspects … Continue reading

“the action of the masses and the individual”


by Peter Kropotkin. Originally published in “La Revolte”, 1890. From theanarchistlibrary, via Machorka. This article was written during an upswell of revolts amongst workers and the dispossessed across Europe, which included the great London dock strike of 1889. Kropotkin emphasises how self-professed revolutionaries hardly played any part in this “spontaneous” … Continue reading

Blast from the Past

Alexander Berkman in the first issue of anarchist magazine, The Blast, 15th January 1916 Why The Blast? Do you mean to destroy? Do you mean to build? These are questions we have been asked from many quarters, by inquirers sympathetic and otherwise. Our reply is frank and bold: We mean both: to destroy and to build. For, … Continue reading

Open The Second Front

by Martin Wright. REPOST from theanarchistlibrary. A little bit of history. This article, originally published in the newspaper Class War in 1984, in the heat of the miners strike that finished off the British trade union movement, was a gem of anarchist thinking and writing in the UK. Obviously it … Continue reading