Barcelona: the battle for the Banc Expropriat goes on, a week in the streets

banc expropriat seeding-mutual-aid-300x216

Last Monday, the Catalan riot police (Mossos d’Esquadra) evicted El Banc Expropriat, a long-running squat and neighbourhood hub in the Gracia area of Barcelona. Demos and street clashes have continued all week (the latest going on as we write today) as thousands of people try to retake the building, which … Continue reading

Solidarity with La Discordia, anarchist library threatened…by “anarchists”


Solidarity with La Discordia. Article from non-fides. Words of introduction by the translators (Dialectical Delinquents) : The following is a translation of a communique sent out from the anarchist bookshop “La Discordia” in Paris, which has been tagged and been the subject of smears calling them fascists because of their … Continue reading