Calais: state announces official jungle eviction plan, starting Monday


Via Calais Migrant Solidarity (with some edits for translation clarity) On 20 October the prefecture [local representative of the French government] held a meeting with the associations [charities] about the planned “Reception and Orientation Centres” (CAOs). We now know how the prefecture will organise the eviction. The eviction will start … Continue reading

Berlin: International Call Out for Solidarity with occupied Rigaer 94


From Rigaer94 Dispatches from occupied Rigaer94 (Berlin) It has now been over a week since our doors were first cut off, cops and security intruded into our housing project, installing themselves in our stairways and other previously collective spaces. From then, the speedy and aggressive eviction and destruction of the … Continue reading

Berlin against gentrification: “we’ll cause €1 million damage for every police raid”


From thefreeonline via Activists in Berlin warned on Sunday that they would exact €1m in revenge for any more mass police raids on their squats and other ‘projects’ in the capital, after luxury cars were burned at the weekend. “With the burning up of excessive luxury cars, the destruction … Continue reading