UK: Chickens liberated in memory of Barry Horne

Anonymous reports via Bite Back

“3rd November 2016

Four chickens liberated by the doors of a slaughterhouse by an Animal Save group in North West UK. All four are now in the safety of their new home.”

“5th November 2016

25 chickens liberated from a free range farm in the South East of the UK in memory of Barry Horne. All documents retrieved and all computer data stolen from the farm. Machinery sabotaged and windows painted with hydrofluoric acid. We will not give up until the shed is empty. We will be back to rescue the comrades left on site.”

Note from Rabble: Barry Horne was a fighter who devoted his life to the liberation of non-human animals. Acting at times alone and at times with others, he carried out spectacular raids and animal liberations, as well as a firebombing campaign against companies involved in animal abuse. Whilst serving an 18-year prison sentence, Barry launched a series of hunger strikes designed to push the government  towards abandoning its support for vivisection. Barry died in prison whilst on hunger strike, on November 5th 2001. His memory lives on.

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