Czech state: Antifenix prisoner Martin starts hunger strike; report from Igor’s trial

antifenix hunger strike

Two reports sent to us from the struggle of the Czech comrades facing long prison sentences in the “Fenix” so-called “terrorist” case. Czech the website for more information and updates on the case. One prisoner, Martin Ignačák, remains on remand after 13 months and has now begun a hunger … Continue reading

Czech Republic: Network of Revolutionary Cells (SRB) torch a cop car in response to Operation Fenix

czech cop car

From Insurrection News. SRB (Network of Revolutionary Cells communique: Police car torched in response to Operation Fenix In the early hours of Saturday, July 4, 2015 we torched a police car outside the Praha-Bubny police station. This was in response to the police and state repression against anarchists. Since April … Continue reading