“I attack, therefore I am”: Nikos Romanos on informal anarchist coordination


Via 325. “I attack, therefore I am” by imprisoned anarchist comrade Nikos Romanos (Greece) “The proposal unfolded, the rebellion was generalized, some people undertook to respond to the call, fighters were active and the clock started to move: with different activities ranging from roadblocks, blockades, marches, closing of schools, explosive … Continue reading

On the coming antiterrorist trial against anarchists and anti-authoritarians in Belgium


  Via Act for Freedom Now. If fighting for freedom is a crime, then innocence is really the worst of all. PDF in french In late 2008, amidst diffuse hostilities triggered by the revolt in Greece following the assassination of Alexis by police, the Belgian Federal Prosecutor launches an investigation … Continue reading

All states are murder cults

All states are murder cults. Two of the worst massacres committed in Paris since World War II: 17 October 1961. French police attack a demonstration of Algerian immigrants and kill perhaps 200 (the numbers have never been confirmed), dozens are beaten, thrown off bridges and drowned in the Seine, others shot by impromptu firing squads in the police station courtyards. 13 November … Continue reading