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In early 2016, Joseph Buddenberg and Nicole Kissane signed non-cooperating plea agreements in which they pled guilty to Conspiracy to Violate the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Joseph and Nicole were accused of releasing thousands of animals from fur farms, and causing damage to other businesses associated with the fur industry, in the summer and autumn of 2013.

In May, Joseph was sentenced to two years in prison. Nicole will be sentenced in June (details to come).

Write to Joseph at:

Joseph Buddenberg #12746-111
MCC San Diego
808 Union Street
San Diego, CA 92101

For more background on their case, see:

Fuck fur and tolerance for animal slavery! Fuck the slack attitude by hipster-anarchos who are so ‘beyond’ giving a shit about species other than their own because it’s no longer cool. Inform yourselves (the animals can’t do it for you) and ffs, get rid of the corpses of enslaved animals scattering the dinner tables of London squats.

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