Italy: 78 dogs freed from breeder, site destroyed


anonymous report from Bite Back. Original in Italian – English translation slightly modified by Rabble

“On the night of July 6th in the province of Perugia, we visited a well-known character, but unfortunately as always happens with the complicity of […]  the people and with the favor of one who knows, but does nothing, he has profited for years on hundreds of defenseless creatures’ skin.

Once there we found ourselves in front of a small structure full, packed, cages, in each one a dog pregnant or who had just given birth and therefore was in her cage with her cubs. Cages raised one meter by one meter with the floor made of bars so as not to have to clean it since the feces and urine fall directly into the ground, but unfortunately that system involves sores and wounds to the legs of dogs that cause terrible pain.

A total of 32 small dogs and 46 puppies in hellish conditions, sick, injured, weak and frightened, in the dark and never get out of this hell, never touch the grass or play or just walk. Of prisoners sentenced to death on death row… The smell in the room was unbearable and the sight of those creatures has torn
the soul there.

All this in the name of a cursed business with whom the perpetrator bastard  getting rich, selling puppies to people with no brain, who in their selfishness never bothered to know where the puppy they are buying comes from.

His cameras and his alarm systems did so peaceful sleep, but for us it was not a problem, after neutralizing all security systems we entered, we opened the cages took all the dogs that were there away.

Before leaving, in order not to fill it again poor innocent victims, we made the place uninhabitable and unusable, destroyed all the cages, tampered with the water system and then set fire to the whole structure …

You tormentor, soulless bastard, always keep in mind one thing, this time it went well, but if you continue with that damned business next time we will come for you!!!


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