We’ve had enough of this shit. So how are we gonna finish off this rotten system and make a world we can live in? Any ideas?

Complaint from the National Union of Journalists

Confronting photographers on a demo in Nantes

A while ago we published an article, sent to us anonymously, entitled “In Defence of Smashing Cameras“. The self-proclaimed (??) National Union of Journalists (NUJ) did not like this article, and sent us the following response: The NUJ PHOTOGRAPHER’S COUNCIL has responded to an online comment piece urging people to smash media cameras: “The NUJ is appalled at the recent article on a self-proclaimed anarchist website which advocates … Continue reading

“I attack, therefore I am”: Nikos Romanos on informal anarchist coordination


Via 325. “I attack, therefore I am” by imprisoned anarchist comrade Nikos Romanos (Greece) “The proposal unfolded, the rebellion was generalized, some people undertook to respond to the call, fighters were active and the clock started to move: with different activities ranging from roadblocks, blockades, marches, closing of schools, explosive … Continue reading

In Defence of Smashing Cameras

(Until events improve…) In Defence of Smashing Cameras Anonymous submission. We are making ourselves vulnerable to attack. More seriously, we are making each other vulnerable. Photographers at demonstrations will soon outnumber demonstrators, those who are willing to take action. This is something we need to take a stand against. Cameras are tools of surveillance, and whether it is us or the enemy that … Continue reading

“Our attitude to Rojava must be critical solidarity”


An informative article from London-based Kurdish anarchist Zaher Baher discussing both positive and negative points of the revolution in Syrian and Turkish areas of Kurdistan. By Zaher Baher 30/01/2016 Many articles from different people about Rojava have expressed different views. The vast majority of them have covered the positive and … Continue reading

What shall we do when the borders close?


Below we repost a thoughtful article from the blog “On the Refugee Trail“. This text is written from the perspective of someone volunteering “humanitarian” support to migrants at the borders of Fortress Europe. On this site, we have been critical of humanitarian approaches to the so-called “migration crisis” (e.g., this … Continue reading