We’ve had enough of this shit. So how are we gonna finish off this rotten system and make a world we can live in? Any ideas?

Confessions of a “Civil Anarchist”


By theviolentminority. (Note from Rabble: we don’t really want to focus that much on this site on internal debates amongst anarchists … but, well, sometimes. For those not up on all this, the background to this is a pamphlet put together by comrades including Darko Mathers, who passed away at … Continue reading

Letter to AFEM 2014

By some anarchist feminists Dear organisers of AFEM 2014, We write to you as comrades, as anarchists and feminists. We are anarchists because we live our lives in struggle against domination and oppression. We are feminists because gender domination is one of the most vicious forms of power we face … Continue reading

London: a real gangstas paradise

By anon. Shows. Conferences. Dinners. Congresses. ‘Expos': London has them all. Each year, the capital is host to countless corporate gatherings, where our enemies can safely indulge in marketing their latest technology, make alliances and customers, and share information (about the market, its threats and the clientèle). In short, these … Continue reading

Blast from the Past

Alexander Berkman in the first issue of anarchist magazine, The Blast, 15th January 1916 Why The Blast? Do you mean to destroy? Do you mean to build? These are questions we have been asked from many quarters, by inquirers sympathetic and otherwise. Our reply is frank and bold: We mean both: to destroy and to build. For, … Continue reading

Barcelona 2014: ‘we can also build’


by pod Anarchism is alive in Barcelona. With the capitalist dream in ruins, new movements in the working class neighbourhoods are building people’s power and the infrastructure for revolutionary struggle. Here are a few highlights and reflections from a quick tour of the autonomous projects. The battle of Can Vies … Continue reading

What about the rapists?

This new zine considers how to deal with abuses of power and acts of domination in our communities from an anarchist perspective. It brings together a collection of articles representing different approaches to this problem, from transformative justice-based accountability processes to retributive-based acts of survivor-led retaliation. It is hoped this … Continue reading

Open The Second Front

by Martin Wright. REPOST from theanarchistlibrary. A little bit of history. This article, originally published in the newspaper Class War in 1984, in the heat of the miners strike that finished off the British trade union movement, was a gem of anarchist thinking and writing in the UK. Obviously it … Continue reading

We need to talk about anarchism

by Severino We anarchists rarely talk about anarchism, at least not to others. This article argues that by shying away from our politics, we’re only making things more difficult for ourselves in the long run. ‘Activism’ and Anarchism Anarchists are among the most active members of radical, grassroots campaigns here … Continue reading

how can we destroy capitalism?


REPOST from Kaput collective. This is the last chapter of their book ‘Capitalism: What is it and how can we destroy it?’ To read the whole thing see here. First let’s get one thing straight. We don’t have the plan. We don’t think there is “a” plan. Capitalism was not … Continue reading

when it goes all quiet again


By pod. An anarchist reflection on the last few years in London, written at the request of comrades overseas. For a few months in recent history, between November 2010 and August 2011, London was an exciting place. Then, with a thousand imprisoned and ‘total policing’ on the streets, we went … Continue reading