Greece: reprisals after state crackdown on migrant squats

Last Wednesday (27th July), the Greek state evicted three squats occupied by migrants in the city of Thessaloniki, triggering reprisals by rebels in the city and beyond. This follows the eviction of the camp at Piraeus port, Athens and the expulsion of a new social centre in Lesvos.

Report from Contra Info:

On July 27th 2016, at the crack of dawn, Greek police forces raided and simultaneously evicted three housing squats in the city of Thessaloniki: Orfanotrofio housing squat for migrants (property owned by the Church), Hurriya community on Karolou Diehl Street (privately owned building), and another building located at Nikis Avenue (owned by the University).

Several dozen people living inside were detained. Probably all those without papers were sent to detention camps, while a large number of activists were referred to trial. Later that day, Orfanotrofio building was completely demolished by authorities.

Since then, several actions have taken place in response to this repressive operation.

On July 28th, some arrestees of Nikis building received four-month suspended sentences. The arrestees of Orfanotrofio and Hurriya will stand separate trials, on the 3rd and 5th August respectively. All arrested activists have been released.

Below is an announcement of Orfanotrofio squat following the eviction and demolition of the house:

On July 27th 2016, at 05:45am, Orfanotrofio housing squat for migrants in Thessaloniki was evicted under the pretext of a complaint filed by Church S.A. Shortly afterwards, the complete demolition of the building began.

Two other squats which housed migrants were simultaneously evicted (Nikis Avenue, and K.Diehl-Hurriya community).

As a result, a total of 74 arrests were made in all three squats.

What becomes very clear is the criminalisation of solidarity and, of course, the political choice of the State to target self-organised solidarity structures & communities of struggle. That these structures are being targeted became also evident a few hours after the three evictions in Thessaloniki, when the mayor of Athens Giorgos Kaminis announced he’ll lodge a complaint report concerning the fact that there are migrants living in occupied municipality-owned buildings, stating that they’re “degrading the city” of Athens.

We, for our part, believe that housing squats for migrants do not degrade our cities, but instead enliven them.

That’s why we’ll continue to create structures of solidarity and struggle; we’ll continue to live and fight together with migrants. Because we don’t extend solidarity towards migrants; we practice solidarity together with migrants. Because we don’t perceive ourselves as having privilege over migrants; we see ourselves maintaining a common position with them against bosses and states. Together we share what we have and fight for what we should have.

Because we want migrants within the fabrics of our cities, not ghettoised. We want them in our schools and our neighbourhoods. …


Assembly of Orfanotrofio housing squat for migrants


Anarchists in Thessaloniki responded by invading a cathedral during mass, and setting fire to the offices of the company carrying out the demolition work. A number of Syriza offices in Greece were occupied, while Minister Alekos Flambouraris’s home was attacked in Athens, reportedly with molotovs. In Turin, Italy, the Greek consulate was graffitied.  In Crete, comrades set fire to a church.

Demolition company's offices

Demolition company’s offices

Syriza’s offices in Thessaloniki

Syriza offices in Larisa

Syriza offices in Larissa

Greek consulate in Turin

Greek consulate in Turin

Heraklion, Crete: Incendiary solidarity with squats

In the early hours of August 1st 2016, we placed an incendiary device at the church of Aghios Dimitrios in the city of Heraklion, Crete. We carried out this action as a minimum response to the recent operations of Church S.A. in cooperation with the prosecutorial and police forces in the city of Thessaloniki, where squats were evicted and one of them demolished. Consider this praxis to be a contribution to the call for a Black July by comrades of Rigaer94 in Germany.

“On May 22nd 2009, Mauricio Morales was killed while transporting a bomb destined for the Prison Guards School in Chile. Mauricio participated in the Sacco and Vanzetti squat-library, putting the encounter of public and illegal action into practice. A squatter and a bomber, he did not discriminate among the means of action, nor did he trap himself inside islets of pseudo-freedom.”
(Conspiracy of Cells of Fire/FAI-IRF, Urban Guerrilla Cell)

Solidarity with squats
Solidarity with comrades incarcerated all over the Earth

Against anyone who wounds freedom
This world is not to be overturned but destroyed

PS. On Thursday August 4th, Biblioteca Kaos in Porto Alegre, Brazil is threatened with eviction. The comrades won’t abandon the squat, and will defend it. We wholeheartedly wish them strength and send them a comradely hug of complicity.

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