Brussels: down with the maxi-prison! 29 Sep – 3 Oct

Coming up: 5 days of encounters without borders in Brussels, in the context of the struggle against the planned massive prison complex. Via Actforfree.


If the State had been counting on getting away with peacefully building the largest prison complex in Belgian history in Brussels, it was mistaken. A struggle against the maxi-prison project has taken off and is spreading. An uncompromising struggle that has seized the initiative, embarked on a path without political parties or official organizations, throwing itself into self-organization and direct action against everything involved in bringing about the maxi-prison.

The project to build a giant prison is inserted within a much broader economic and political context. In this period of new political and economic instability the Belgian State, just like other States, is focusing on reinforcing repression. While this has resulted in tougher laws, more control at every level, cameras everywhere, militarisation of borders, soldiers in the streets, a restructuring of the city to “restore order”, there are also vast building projects of all kinds of prison. Because prison will always be one of the threats for trying to get us to fall in line, and a powerful tool of the State to prop up its world divided into rich and poor, powerful and excluded, oppressors and oppressed.

If word and deed must go hand in hand, if thought and experience can sharpen our struggle, if the construction of the maxi-prison is not just four walls but is perhaps above all a social question that touches the whole of this society, then five days of meetings around the struggle against the maxi-prison could be a  valuable occasion.

During these meetings, some comrades from various parts of the world will come to talk about their experiences of struggle, bring their reflections on the insurrectional struggle and explore ways to intensify the struggle against the maxi-prison, but not only.

| Program of events in French and Dutch (pdf)
 Tuesday 29/9/15 at 19.30
Le Passage, rue Rossini 11, Anderlecht
The hour of  revolt (with a comrade from London)
Wednesday 30/9/15 at 15.00
Lion d’Or, avenue Jamar 5, Anderlecht
The struggle against the maxi-prison
Wednesday 30/9/15 at 19.30
Pianofabriek, rue du Fort 35, Saint-Gilles
The struggle against the new C type prisons in Greece
Thursday, 1/10/15 at 19.30
Acrata, rue de la Grande Ile 32, Brussels
Towards insurrection (with a comrade from Italy)
Friday, 2/10/15 at 15.00
Acrata, rue de la Grande Ile 32, Brussels
Undermining the jails of democracy in Chile
Friday, 2/10/15 at 19.30
Le Passage, 11 rue Rossini, Anderlecht
The revolt in Spanish prisons (with a comrade from Spain)
Saturday, 3/10/15 at 14.00
L’Eau Chaude, rue des Renards 25, Marolles
Cross references and perspectives of struggle
English translation by Act for freedom now!


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