Berlin against gentrification: attack on luxury homes complex “Fellini residences”


Via Act for Freedom Now

Berlin, 29th May 2016


We had an appointment at Alten Jakobstrasse to make our anger at exclusion, expulsion and control visible with paint, stones and fire, as well as our disgust for a city for the rich.

The targets of our action were ‘Fellini Residences’, a new luxury homes complex under construction by the Patrizia building company, their office in the yard, another office of the company, a Vattenfall processing plant, several luxury cars, a hotel and a supermarket. We secured our withdrawal with two barricades in flames and four-pointed nails.

New luxury constructions represent a form of urban development in favour of the rich and show the widening gap between the included and the excluded very clearly.

While some enjoy ‘a sentimental staging of Italian quality of life’ in their apartments, the rabble are kept at bay through surveillance cameras. While some celebrate the increase in property value, others remain in fear of forced eviction.

Those who organize themselves outside the logic of exploitation and take possession of urban spaces will be met with police truncheons, as recently happened during a Kurdish street party in Kreuzberg and in repeated squatting attempts for a social centre.

If an entire neighbourhood opposes resistance, all of a sudden it is declared a ‘dangerous area’ so that people are terrorized with harassment, control and violence. Anyone who thinks they can suppress the voices and actions raised against expulsion got it wrong. We turn up when least expected and strike where the filth of politics manifest itself.

As long as there are profits in the housing area our initiative will be sabotage and destruction. Every eviction has its price!

Energy multinational Vattenfall does dirty business out of natural resources, including the lignite mines in Lausitz. A war for underground resources is being waged all over the world, everywhere ecological catastrophes are responsible for misery and expulsion. …In the name of a high tech world society passes over dead bodies without giving a damn. After decades of brainwashing and alienation it has become so apathetic that it doesn’t realize we are on a train heading full speed ahead straight against a wall…

But with joy we look beyond the country’s borders and see the fires on the horizons, set alight by young people and workers in France just as in many other parts of the world, where revolt against dominant conditions is emerging. We recognise you and send you our flaming solidarity and greetings!


Translated from German to Italian by mc, prison of Salez, CH

Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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