Toulouse: “No masters, no bosses, no husbands”, summary of lively feminist demo


Summary of a fiery feminist ‘Take Space the Night’ demo in Toulouse over the weekend, offering inspiration for more tepid feminist marches here in the UK. Translated by Rabble from IAATA and Indymedia Nantes.

Saturday saw a ‘non-mixed’ feminist march in Toulouse, France; one of many taking place internationally as part of the annual ‘Reclaim the Night’ protests. Reclaim the Night began in various countries in the 1970s in response to specific cases of women who had been raped and murdered. The call for the demo read:

“The 25th November is a global day against sexist violence. Because in 2016, we are still whistled at, insulted, beaten, raped and killed by (cis) men in the streets, on transport, at work, school and in the home… march together, sing, shout our rage…[…]… take space in the night! In solidarity and complicity!

Proud, pissed off, and not gonna be silenced!”

300-400 people showed up to the lively demo, which sprinted down side streets and left a trail of graffitti in its wake. Slogans left on the walls include:

“Qui va faire le ménage ? Nous on part en manif’ sauvage !” / Who’s gonna do the cleaning? We’re off on a wild demo!

« A bas l’Etat » / Down with the state 

« Crève les keufs » / Death to cops

« Ni maître, ni patron, ni mari » / Neither masters, nor bosses, nor husbands

« Niquez vous mais nous touchez pas » / Fuck yourselves, but don’t touch us!

The police used tear gas and four women were arrested, including one on the arrestee solidarity demo outside the police station.

As a result of the police actions, revenge attacks were carried out by comrades. Yuppie cars and one estate agent’s vehicle were set alight. In their communique, the attackers said,

“We don’t care to know if they (the comrades) are innocent or guilty, we expect nothing from the justice system. We do know however that in acting on our subversive desires, we expose ourselves to repression. And its through action that we express our solidarity towards those who make that choice. Our rage and revenge accompany our sadness.”

Respect and strength to the fighters who actually give meaning to the slogan ‘women are dangerous and powerful'; words on a placard mean nothing without action!

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