The end of SHAC

REPOST from Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), who announce the end of their global campaign that has left Europe’s largest vivisection laboratory £100 million in debt. A website devoted to documenting and analysing the SHAC campaign, in Italian & English, is available here. SHAC ENDS – 12.08.14 We made history… … Continue reading

US: riots in Ferguson after police shoot black teenager


REPOST of first-person reports from 11 August from ‘Anti State STL‘. Other sites with reports and pictures from the unfolding situation in Ferguson include anarchistnews and revolution-news. An Eye for an Eye Makes Our Masters Blind: One Account of Last Night’s Anti-Police Riots “City—fuck ‘em Narcotics—fuck ‘em Feds—fuck ‘em D.A.—fuck … Continue reading

Grow Heathrow eviction resistance this Friday


REPOST from Grow Heathrow. On Friday 15th August at 8am, bailiffs will make their first attempt to evict Grow Heathrow. Four and a half years after the abandoned greenhouses in the middle of Heathrow Airport’s proposed third runway were occupied by local residents together with activists, Heathrow villagers are organising … Continue reading

Open The Second Front

by Martin Wright. REPOST from theanarchistlibrary. A little bit of history. This article, originally published in the newspaper Class War in 1984, in the heat of the miners strike that finished off the British trade union movement, was a gem of anarchist thinking and writing in the UK. Obviously it … Continue reading