Immigration raids campaign in the East End


REPOST from antiraids network Operation Skybreaker Operation Skybreaker is a 5-month plan by the Home Office in parts of Tower Hamlets, Brent, Ealing, Newham and Greenwich to work with businesses and community groups to stop ‘illegal’ immigration. The first part is soft – they are asking businesses if they can … Continue reading

East end mums occupy council homes

A group of single mothers, called E15Focus, have occupied a block of four flats on the Carpenters Estate in Stratford, East London. The estate has been ‘decanted’ and left largely empty for over a year, as the London Borough of Newham plans to sell off the land for luxury development. … Continue reading

Calais September 5-7: Weekend of Anti-Fascist Resistance

REPOST from Calais Migrant Solidarity. On Sunday 7 September, local fascist group ‘Sauvons Calais’ will once again try to hold a demonstration ‘against immigration’ in Calais, bringing in hardcore neo-nazis from across France. A number of high-profile fascists have already confirmed their presence including Thomas Joly (secrétaire général du Parti de … Continue reading

Anarchist views from the Middle East

REPOSTs from tahrir-icn. It’s all kicking off in … Gaza, Syria, Iraq, … as the old states collapse, new even more vicious states are carved out, and at least a few people are fighting against all the odds for a world without gods and masters. For outsiders to the region, … Continue reading

Picketing the rich in Whitechapel

The group Class War, and other assorted troublemakers, have been holding weekly pickets of the ‘posh door’ at yuppie block No 1 Commercial street, Whitechapel (East End of London). Like many other housing developments in London in recent years, the owners of 1 Commercial Street made a planning deal with … Continue reading

Ferguson over one week in

REPOST from local anarchist website Anti State STL. Also: film of killing of Kajieme Powell by St Louis police on Tuesday 19 August. 2014/08/20 What began as a protest movement after 10 days of sustained defiance, has taken a couple shaky steps towards revolt. The situation here is still fluid … Continue reading