UK activists shut down Israeli arms factory

REPOST from London Palestine Action  Victory to the Palestinian struggle! Stop arming Israel! #StopElbit For nearly a month, Israel has bombarded Gaza from land, sea and air. More than 1800 Palestinians have lost their lives and war crimes have been committed. To our collective shame, the UK government has not … Continue reading

We need to talk about anarchism

by Severino We anarchists rarely talk about anarchism, at least not to others. This article argues that by shying away from our politics, we’re only making things more difficult for ourselves in the long run. ‘Activism’ and Anarchism Anarchists are among the most active members of radical, grassroots campaigns here … Continue reading

Support Stop G8 prisoners

Liam Harriman has just been sent to prison for 8 weeks (16 week sentence of which he’ll probably serve 8). He was arrested at the G8 protest last summer in London. Please support him. You can write to him directly: Liam Harriman (A0131DG) HMP Pentonville Caledonian Rd London N7 8TT … Continue reading

Calais: the battle of Fort Galloo


Calais, on the France/UK border. Some time from 6 August, the French government will send in the riot cops to evict “Fort Galloo”, an old industrial building where several hundred refugees and supporters have made a community. Fort Galloo is a giant 12,000 square metres former metal recycling plant, abandoned … Continue reading

how can we destroy capitalism?


REPOST from Kaput collective. This is the last chapter of their book ‘Capitalism: What is it and how can we destroy it?’ To read the whole thing see here. First let’s get one thing straight. We don’t have the plan. We don’t think there is “a” plan. Capitalism was not … Continue reading

when it goes all quiet again


By pod. An anarchist reflection on the last few years in London, written at the request of comrades overseas. For a few months in recent history, between November 2010 and August 2011, London was an exciting place. Then, with a thousand imprisoned and ‘total policing’ on the streets, we went … Continue reading

Fascists run out of Cricklewood


REPOST of report by ‘The Solidarity Collective’ on fascist demonstration in Cricklewood (North London) 19 July. They came, they sneered , they fucked off with their tails between their legs It was hot, and then it got hotter and hotter. The predictions of thunderstorms failed and so did the South … Continue reading

Anarchist Fire Attacks in East Bristol

REPOST of a statement circulated on the internet on 30 June signed by ‘Rogue Fire Brigade’. Just before sunrise this morning we launched a targeted arson spree along Glebe Road — which meets the main east Bristol thoroughfare of Church Road — and burned out corporate, luxury, private security and … Continue reading