Hourriya: internationalist anarchist pamphlets

“Hourriya” is a new international editing project wanting to participate in deepening anarchist ideas by publishing a series of small pamphlets. The different contributions contains experiences like the one lived in Syria by comrades from Aleppo, as well as precise questions such as the one of the informal organisation, the “unforseen” or the science of domination, as well as historical topics. The “internationalist anarchist pamphlets” will consist of texts published elsewhere as well as texts written for the occasion, including unedited forewords (and afterwords according to the contexts).

The pamphlets will only be available on paper and for the price of 2 euros, they will be published several times a year and in different language (French, English and German). One can go to the website https://hourriya.noblogs.org for ordering copies or get some more information.

The first pamphlet is called “Revolutionary echoes from Syria. Conversations with two anarchists from Aleppo”. It contains 124 pages and came out in English: “The discussion below reflects an overview of the conditions experienced by individuals who are trying to liberate themselves from the system of social hypocrisy and the mentality of subordination. Our experience is still fragile, a newborn. During the revolution and even now the difficulty lies in our inability to observe clearly the inherent authoritarian power within the society and the state. Consequently this prevented -and still prevents- us from stripping the layers they hide behind and fighting them raw and bare.”

The second pamphlet, “Affinity and informal organisation” (90 pages), just came out in English:
“If the question is no longer how to organize the people for the struggle, we should talk about how to organize the struggle. We think that archipelagos of affinity groups, independent one from the other, which are able to associate themselves according to shared perspectives and concrete projects of struggle, are the best way to pass directly to the offensive. This concept offers the greatest autonomy and the largest field of action possible. In the range of insurrectional projects, it is necessary and possible to find ways of informally organizing ourselves which would allow the encounter between anarchists and other rebels, forms of organization which are not destined to perpetuate themselves, but are aimed at a specific and insurrectional goal.”.

(Note from Rabble: one of the texts in the second pamphlet, “Archipelago: affinity, informal organisation and insurrectional projects” can also be read online here.)


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