Support Stop G8 prisoners

Liam Harriman has just been sent to prison for 8 weeks (16 week sentence of which he’ll probably serve 8). He was arrested at the G8 protest last summer in London. Please support him. You can write to him directly: Liam Harriman (A0131DG) HMP Pentonville Caledonian Rd London N7 8TT … Continue reading

Calais: the battle of Fort Galloo


Calais, on the France/UK border. Some time from 6 August, the French government will send in the riot cops to evict “Fort Galloo”, an old industrial building where several hundred refugees and supporters have made a community. Fort Galloo is a giant 12,000 square metres former metal recycling plant, abandoned … Continue reading

Fascists run out of Cricklewood


REPOST of report by ‘The Solidarity Collective’ on fascist demonstration in Cricklewood (North London) 19 July. They came, they sneered , they fucked off with their tails between their legs It was hot, and then it got hotter and hotter. The predictions of thunderstorms failed and so did the South … Continue reading

Anarchist Fire Attacks in East Bristol

REPOST of a statement circulated on the internet on 30 June signed by ‘Rogue Fire Brigade’. Just before sunrise this morning we launched a targeted arson spree along Glebe Road — which meets the main east Bristol thoroughfare of Church Road — and burned out corporate, luxury, private security and … Continue reading